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“Stained glass window” Magen David suncatcher

Posted on: 13 October, 2010

This “stained glass” suncatcher features that most famous of Jewish symbols, the Magen David or Star of David.

– card or paper.  I used A3 card, available from art and craft supply shops.
– coloured cellophane.   I bought mine in various places – eg newsagents, supermarkets (try the party supplies section)
– sticky tape

Equipment I used
Pencil, ruler, scissors, stanley knife and cutting mat (optional but make life easier)

How to make your stained glass window Magen David suncatcher

1. Make a template for your design.  I drew a six-pointed star of David, then cut out the six triangle points and a hexagon from the centre.  To fill out my design, I drew an extra four triangles.  You could use any shape, but triangles are easy to draw and cut out.   It’s not strictly necessary to make a template if you only want to make one suncatcher, but if you are going to put in the effort to make a beautiful design, it’s good to be able to replicate it in future without having to start from scratch.

2. Use the template to copy the pattern onto the piece of card or paper you want for your finished product.

3. Cut out the shapes to make a frame.  I found it easiest to use a stanley knife and cutting mat, but if you don’t have these then scissors are fine.   If you’re using the stanley knife to cut straight lines, use a ruler  – but take care not to shave strips off it!  I made multiple frames to use with my Shabbat Tot group.

4. Cut cellophane into pieces.  Mine were approximately 5 or 6cm wide and roughly rectangular, but this could vary depending on the size of the “holes” in your design.

5. Stick pieces of cellophane onto the frame using sticky tape.  For brighter colours, use two thicknesses of the same colour, or overlap differing colours.  (This looks particularly good in larger areas.)

6. Turn over and hold up to the light – ta dah! Your stained glass Magen David suncatcher is complete.  Blu-tack it to a window and admire it.  For a neater finish (if you are displaying it on a window where you’ll regularly see both sides), put a duplicate frame on the back.


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