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A children’s book for Hanukkah

Posted on: 15 December, 2010

Lots of Latkes by Sandy Lanton, illustrated by Vicki Jo Redenbaugh

Set in a snowy European countryside of the imagination, this is the story of old friends who meet for a Hanukkah party.  Each intended to bring something different to share, but due to a series of mishaps, they all end up bringing the same thing – latkes.  Fortunately they know how to make a Hanukkah party special, even with a limited dinner menu.

This book is cute (and comes with a bonus latkes recipe in the back cover) but I found myself thinking what a shame it was for the lovely characters in the story that they had no family or children to celebrate with.   And again, it would be lovely to have a Hanukkah story which reflected our own, much warmer reality.


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