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A collage of Shabbat symbols

Posted on: 17 February, 2011

We made this collage of Shabbat symbols as a craft activity recently.  It’s very easy to make a good-looking picture with just a few scraps of felt, fabric and metallic or coloured paper.

I wanted to make something that was quite tactile, so cut challah shapes out of felt and a rectangle of sheer material which could be either a table cloth or a challah cover.  I traced the outline of a kiddush cup from a picture on the internet, cut out the shape from metallic paper and stuck on a silver star.  The candles were white rectangles with a gold circle behind to represent the light of the flames, and a simple shape for the candlestick.

I printed “Shabbat Shalom” in English and Hebrew characters onto coloured paper.  Here’s my template as a PDF file: Shabbat Shalom.

Then – all you need is some glue.  And maybe some stickers!

Here is my daughter’s version:

And another little girl’s:


1 Response to "A collage of Shabbat symbols"

Tactile interest and attractive materials: lovely.
Thank you for providing a template for the Hebrew: a generous gesture to people who don’t have stickers or rubber stamps, or who are unsure about how to spell.

Thank you for leaving a comment on Bible Belt Balabusta. It lead me here to you.

Joanna Brichetto
Bible Belt Balabusta

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