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Jewish fabric crafts

Posted on: 26 March, 2011

I recently took the plunge and bought fabric online for the first time.  Here is what I’ve made from some of it – a “Shabbat bib” for the newest addition to my extended family, and the first of my new Pesach patchwork placemats.  Do you like the matzah patterned fabric?  I love it!

You can’t buy Jewish themed material in Perth (as far as I’m aware), so I  ordered some from the USA.  I’m very happy to recommend because their customer service was excellent.


3 Responses to "Jewish fabric crafts"

Where did you find online jewish fabric? I have found Milechai and 1800 dreidle. Did you find others? Avi

Hi Avi, I bought mine from 1800-Dreidel. I’ve not looked around much but will post if I find anywhere else! Kathryn

[…] space for future menu suggestions, a list of things we’ve made especially for Pesach (from placemats to Moses & Pharaoh figurines), and space to list any new traditions we develop or things we want […]

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