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Paper flowers for Shavuot (part 1)

Posted on: 1 June, 2011

Shavuot is just around the corner, so Talia and I have been making some easy paper flowers.

We made three types of paper flower – one from concentric cardboard circles, one from patty pans and paper doilies, and one from crepe paper – and they look pretty good all in a vase together (better than my photo might lead you to believe!)

Cardboard flowers

You will need:
– coloured lightweight cardboard or stiff paper (or paint up some white card/paper)
– pipe cleaners
– small beads (large enough for the pipe cleaner to thread through)
– drinking straws with the bendy bit

Cut out concentric circles from the cardboard. For best effect, use different colours and cut the edges with different types of scissors eg pinking shears, or scallop or fringe the edges of the circles).  Stack the circles and pierce the centre.
Cut the pipe cleaners into quarter lengths.  Thread a bead into the middle of each length, then twist ends together.  Poke this through the stacked circles
Cut  the short end of the bendy straw so it is just long enough for the twisted bit of pipecleaner to fit.  (Use the cut off bits for straw bead necklace!)

Talia (aged 4) enjoyed helping put these together, but it really needed an adult to twist the pipecleaner and poke it through the cardboard (let alone putting the original hole in the stacked circles) so we decided to make something so easy she could do it all herself.

Patty pan (cupcake liner) flowers

You will need:
– patty pans (cupcake liners) in 2 sizes and various colours
– straws

This works best with patty pans which are coloured both inside and out, but if yours are white on the inside, flatten the wrapper and reverse them so that the coloured side is on the inside.  Glue the smaller one to the centre of the larger one, and draw a spot in the centre (or use a coloured dot sticker).
Use sticky tape to attach to a straw.

And there you have it – so easy even a 4 year old can construct them.

For an elegant variation, use a small paper doily as the back of the flower.  I got a packet of these from a craft shop.



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