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Moses coming down Mt Sinai – a children’s craft activity for Shavuot

Posted on: 2 June, 2011

This project combines colouring, cutting and sticking – the tried and true favourites of small children everywhere!

What I used:
– piece of light card for the background.  You can print out text like mine using this file: Shavuot craft backing sheet
– paper in a contrasting colour for Mt Sinai (or you could just draw a mountain shape on your background)
– white paper for people and something to colour it with (instructions below)
– some cotton wool for clouds
– flower confetti (but you could draw flowers, use stickers etc – whatever your craft stash will allow!) to decorate Mt Sinai

To make the figures, cut a strip of paper (mine was 1/4 the height of an A4 page) and colour it in.
Then fold in half (coloured side in) and then in thirds.
Now draw the outline of a person so that their arms reach the sides, and cut around it. (Some parental help will be required for this step.)

Unfold and you will have 6 people “holding hands”.  I used 5 to represent the Israelites waiting at the base of Mt Sinai, and cut off one to become Moses.  He gets to hold the traditional stone tablets containing the 10 commandments.  I used a picture I found on the internet but you could draw your own.


Now grab your gluestick and assemble your picture – Mt Sinai with clouds at the top, decked with flowers and Moses bringing down the tablets of the law to the Israelites assembled at the bottom.  Have fun and chag sameach!

3 Responses to "Moses coming down Mt Sinai – a children’s craft activity for Shavuot"

I did this project today in my class – 3/4 grade Hebrew School. My students really enjoyed it. I had been looking for a good Shavuot project and this was perfect! They drew in faces and details for the people and spelled out Shavuot with Hebrew stickers. Thank you for a great project.

You’re very welcome! Thank you for letting me know the idea worked in your class. I love the idea of using Hebrew stickers.

Thanks for a great craft idea! We have done stuff like this before, but paper-doll people will be a great complement to our usual activity. I will probably also do a folded-paper fence to paste onto the page BEFORE we stick on the people holding hands.

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