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Bunting for Chanukah

Posted on: 26 July, 2011

After the success of my Pesach placemats, I thought I would try and sew something else for my home.

Using a mixture of Jewish prints and co-ordinating material from my stash,  I made some bunting to hang up for Chanukah.   My daughter absolutely loves it, and I’m sure it will get a lot of use in the years to come.

If you’d like to do something similar, you can find plenty of tutorials on the internet.  I used these ones.

How to make bunting:

I followed these instructions pretty closely, apart from not cutting two pieces of fabric at the same time.  I found it easiest to use a single chopstick to make the point of each pennant (triangle).  And I sewed strips of velcro at each end so I can open and close the loops.

My biggest challenge was making my own bias binding for the first time.  I used the instructions from here:

This references another site:

Then there was an a-ha moment when I discovered I could get it all to fold up perfectly by threading a pin into the cover of my ironing board:

Thanks to these sites, I successfully made what I needed, and half a metre of 110cm wide fabric was successfully transformed into nearly 11 metres of bias binding.  The worst part was ironing it all!

Then it was just a case of pinning it all together and letting the sewing machine do the rest.

Unfortunately some of my menorahs are upside down – but I didn’t want to waste fabric by not using them, and if the bunting is against a wall then you will only see them right side up.

It feels like a party with this strung up in my home!  I made three separate lengths, each about 3.5 metres long (20-23 pennants).  Roll on Chanukah!!


5 Responses to "Bunting for Chanukah"

I wish I could sew. These look great 🙂

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The bunting looks amazing! I wish I had listened to my mother when she encouraged me to learn to sew! I also wish you would make some so we can all buy them!

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