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Our plan – to make a sukkah!

Posted on: 18 August, 2011

Every year at Sukkot we celebrate in the communal sukkah erected by the side of our synagogue.  In recent years, as I have read books about Sukkot to my daughter, I have been dreaming about having a little sukkah of our own, something simple that would fit in our small back yard.  Neither my husband nor I are particularly gifted with handyman skills, so it will need to be easy to build and easy to pull apart again afterwards.

I found a plan to build a sukkah from PVC piping here: and built a scale model of a 2m x 2.5m sukkah (I adjusted to metres because everything here is metric) out of straws, pipecleaners and playdough.

Ta dah!

So far so good!  I have been to Bunnings (our local hardware chain) and they have 40mm PVC pipes and fittings, so I will post an update when we reach the construction phase.

Slightly more detailed instructions for what looks like a very similar model are available here:

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1 Response to "Our plan – to make a sukkah!"

Oh, wow, I am so happy to have this pdf of a PVC sukkah plan. I’ve made many versions over the years and they couldn’t get off the paper. But now I have someone else’s drawings. Thanks for passing them along. The straw/clay model is adorable…

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