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My Hebrew Name

Posted on: 12 November, 2011

My daughter knows quite a few Hebrew blessings, but has had very little exposure to written Hebrew so far, other than the characters on her dreidel collection.  Knowing that her name was one of the first things she recognised when she learned the English alphabet, I thought it would be good to put her name in Hebrew up on display in her bedroom.  I printed it out onto card, and she decorated the border with a selection of stickers, confetti etc.

I wanted to share the template, but I created it in Microsoft Publisher 2007 and the file can’t be uploaded to this website, for technical reasons beyond my understanding.   However if you want to duplicate what I’ve done, I used the following fonts:
First line – Tempus Sans ITC 36pt
Second line (Hebrew) – Narkisim 100pt
Third line – Tempus Sans ITC 60pt

If you’ve never typed in Hebrew before, it’s not hard, and if your Hebrew recognition is not great, trust me it improves really quickly!  At the top of your Publisher screen, click on Insert, then Symbol.  In the box that pops up, make sure the Subset box says Hebrew.  Then double click on each character to type them in, one after another.  (If you just choose one and click Insert, it’s a much slower process.)

If you’d prefer to write names in by hand, here’s a .pdf version of My Hebrew Name template


5 Responses to "My Hebrew Name"

This is great and I would really like to do it with my Sunday School class!! How did you get the vowels to come up underneath the letters? Thanks! Jennifer

Hi Jennifer
In MS Word or MS Publisher, I use “Insert” then “Symbol”. If you click on “More symbols” you get a pop-up box. Select a font such as FrankRuehl, David or Narkism in the top left box, and subset “Hebrew” in the top right box. Then you should see all the alef-bet and nikud (vowels). Insert them in the order you need them (consonant then vowel or sh’va, next consonant etc). It should appear on your screen running right to left automatically.
I hope that makes sense! It is a little slow, but for the small amount of typed Hebrew I need it works well.

Thank you so much!! I was able to make it work using David. 🙂

Hello you have vare good crafts,jew crafts .i happe to faind you saite.thanks from israel.כל הכבוד

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