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A collage for Chanukah

Posted on: 9 December, 2011

My daughter Talia attends a public kindergarten for 4-5 year olds.  Parents take turns helping out for a couple of hours, and my husband and I were “on duty” last Thursday.  A week earlier, I asked the teacher what she had planned for us to do, and she invited us to talk to the class about Chanukah.  So we did!  It was really nice to share our traditions with a group who, apart from our daughter, knew nothing about them.

Talia helped me make this collage to show what we do to celebrate. It’s a mix of printed out images, decorated cardboard, holographic contact paper and the wrappers from some chanukah gelt (because as Talia and I agreed, there wasn’t much point attaching chocolate to the picture when we could eat it instead.)

We talked about lighting candles for 8 nights (I took in several chanukiot and we counted the number of places to put candles, and the kids figured out how many to put in each night), eating latkes and doughnuts, and playing with dreidels.  I read them the book “Hanukkah Lights” which is really just a baby book but has cute pictures and covers all the things I had just talked about, and my husband and I sang them “Maoz Tsur.”

We took in a stack of little dreidels for the kids to try spinning, which they loved, and (having just learned the alphabet this year) they were fascinated by the Hebrew characters on them.  We also dished out some chocolate gelt, because frankly that was easier and less mess than making latkes!

I will definitely volunteer to talk to Talia’s future classes about this and other festivals in future, and hopefully next year we can get the whole class doing some Hanukkah themed craft to display next to all their Christmas decorations.


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