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Cardboard tube chanukiah

Posted on: 31 December, 2011

Weeks before Chanukah I planned to make a chanukiah out of toilet roll tubes. Then I saw one made by Creative Jewish Mom which was so elegant I nearly gave my plans away!  But my daughter and I both enjoy getting the paints out, and so this colourful and very easy to make cardboard chanukiah came into being.

Actually although I originally intended to link the tubes together, it is currently a loose collection of “candles” which can be arranged however the mood takes you.

How to make them:
1. Collect your cardboard tubes, and paint or otherwise decorate them.

2. Cut out flames from gold paper and stick them together over the top of popsticks.  My popsticks were a little too short so I broke some in half and glued them on as extenders.

3. Invent a way to make your wicks stand up inside your candle tubes.  In the end I decided to cut cross-sections of another tube and stick them inside in order to provide a bit of support (so the wick stays in the centre of the candle and doesn’t lean against the edge.)

4. Assemble and “light” during Chanukah.  Don’t forget to place the shamash a little higher than your other candles.

17 Responses to "Cardboard tube chanukiah"

The colors and patterns are gorgeous! And they look even prettier because they were kid-created.
Another idea to keep the wicks in the middle can be borrowed from florists: they criss-cross thin, clear tape across the opening of a vase, imprisoning the stems.
I don’t know about your house, but here, tape is one of the funnest things ever invented. I wouldn’t be able to let my son in charge of the taping stage, or every candle would be mummified in layers and layers of it.

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I’m a designer with We specialize in personalized paper greeting cards, invitations and announcements. We launched a new blog this summer and I recently noticed some of your crafts online and I was hoping to feature one (possibly more in the future) on our blog! I’m writing for permission to do so and was hoping to find out if you own the rights to the photos you have featured. In addition to being featured on our blog, we would include links back your site/blog!

Please feel free to email me with any questions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! Also, I am happy to send you the link to the craft we are referring to.

Thanks so much!

Dear Emily
I am very happy for you to feature any of my crafts, as long as you link back to my site and give me credit for them. The photos have all been taken by me personally.
Kind regards

My name is Tracy and I’m a writer for Disney’s Would I also be able to use one of your images and feature this for a piece? I will link back to you for instructions on how to do the craft too 🙂

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