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Pattern for fuse bead dreidels

Posted on: 2 January, 2012

I bought a big container of fuse beads for the whole family to play with over the holidays.  I think these are also marketed as Perler beads or Hama beads, although mine are the ever popular “no name” variety.  They are colourful plastic beads which you arrange into patterns on specially designed boards and then fuse together with the heat of an iron.

Here is our first foray into Jewish fuse bead design: fuse bead dreidels for Chanukah.

Our beads came with small boards, for example the square is only 14 beads wide x 14 beads tall.   But this is enough to make some cute little decorations which we can either leave on tables or blu-tac to the windows next Chanukah.

Here is one prior to being ironed together.

And here is our Dreidel pattern for fuse beads.


6 Responses to "Pattern for fuse bead dreidels"

Seriously cute! I have buckets of these beads at synagogue, and will try to remember to haul them out for the Chanukah Carnival. And I like your idea of table decor, too. Thanks for idea and great pictures.

But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned for more festive fuse bead patterns this year (once I figure out how to depict the circular and other pegboard layouts – the square one I just did as an excel spreadsheet.) I’ve already designed a couple for Rosh Hashanah. 🙂

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