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Jewish patterns for fuse beads – Shabbat

Posted on: 25 January, 2012

Here are some little designs we made up with our fuse beads (perler beads, hama beads) and the small square pegboard: two shabbat candles, a kiddush cup and challah, and the words Shabat Shalom.  (I normally spell shabbat with two “b”s but that would not fit on my little pegboard.)

You can download my Shabbat patterns for fuse beads as a pdf file.

My bucket of beads came in most colours – but sadly not brown.  Hence the slightly unappetising looking challah which is pink and orange as a result!  I made my kiddush cup grey to resemble silver, but if I was doing this again I’d use white or yellow because the grey is quite dark.  (Either that or the background needs to be a lighter colour.)

We contemplated using the fused bead squares as drinks coasters for Shabbat, but decided in the end to link them together with beading wire to make a decorative piece to hang up on a hook, or over a doorknob.

2 Responses to "Jewish patterns for fuse beads – Shabbat"

part of my delay in scheduling a fuse-bead session was the thought of yet more stuff to stack up on a table, get knocked to the floor, etc. But the stringing on a doorknob idea is perfect. Thanks for the patterns and the idea.

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