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Easy home-made noisemakers for Purim

Posted on: 7 March, 2012

I am convinced there are more ways to spell gregger/grogger/gragger than there are ways to spell Hanukkah/Chanukah!  But it doesn’t matter how you spell it or what it looks like, as long as it makes enough noise to drown out the name of Haman, right?

This is a cheap yet durable Purim noisemaker which is easy to make using a variety of things you can find at home.

You will need:
1. An empty plastic bottle (with lid). Small ones are easiest to hold and shake.  This year we used ice tea bottles.
2. Things to put in that will make a noise. Anything goes – rice, dry lentils, uncooked pasta, buttons, craft bells… the list is endless.  You don’t need very much – if you look at the picture above, the amount of “rattly stuff” does not even reach the bottom of the decorative label. Rice by itself makes a soft noise which is quite pleasant, but add anything else and it sounds quite cacophonic when shaken energetically (which is the only way most 4 year olds know how to shake!)  To make it fun to look at, I dyed some rice with food colouring.

(Tip from someone who has been there: don’t knock over a bottle of food colouring unless you really want to do a lot of cleaning up.)  Two or three drops in a small zip-lock bag of rice is plenty.  If colouring pasta it helps to add a little white vinegar and to let the finished product dry on a tray, but rice will just soak up the excess moisture along with the colour.
3. Strong tape to hold the lid on the finished noisemaker (not shown on photo above), unless you want to be sweeping the contents off your floor or extracting them from the mouth of some curious toddler.
4. (Optional) Materials to decorate the outside of your noisemaker.  In past years we’ve tied curling ribbon streamers around the neck of our plastic bottle.  This year the kids decorated a strip of cardboard (preprinted with Happy Purim) and sticky-taped it to the outside of the bottle.

Then we read out our child-friendly version of the Megillat Ester, added some visuals with our Purim spoon puppets, and shook those greggers/graggers/groggers for all they were worth!  It was great fun!


2 Responses to "Easy home-made noisemakers for Purim"

Love this and can hardly wait for Purim! Will be sending some home with the littlest ones to re-use in their 4th of July parade.

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