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Havdalah spice bags

Posted on: 8 June, 2012

Shabbat is such a feast for the senses! See the candles, hear/sing the blessings and songs, taste the challah and wine/grape juice, touch the embroidery on a challah cover or the velvet of a kippah, and smell the havdalah spices.

Beautiful scents are such a joy and so easily overlooked in a busy life.  I always take time to stop and smell the (neighbours’) roses! And the lavender, and the frangipanis, and the rosemary, and the golden wattle…

I confess that our family doesn’t really observe havdalah (yet) – apart from smelling our spice box.

These spice bags are easy to put together – place a selection of spices inside a little organza bag (sold in packs for wedding favours) and tie the ribbon to hold it in place.  Before that, you might like to share and compare the scents of your favourite spices.  We used whole cloves, cinnamon scrolls, star anise, cardamom pods and vanilla pod.  (I’m not recommending this as the world’s best combination, but it certainly smells interesting!)

1 Response to "Havdalah spice bags"

As I prepare the house for the Holiday, I am reminded by my daughter-in-law that “her” children are being raised “Evangelical Christian” and she does not want them confused with my retelling of “Jewish” stories.

For the record, I acknowledge her comments and invite her to join us. She declines every invite including those that are picnics on Tuesday! I, in turn, tell “the” stories and share my life experiences. After all, they are part of me through my son and I refuse to allow a narrow viewpoint to breed fear and ignorance about their father and my family.

As for the children, they love learning about the old traditions and because the church that they attend encourages “knowing” the truth of the Bible, they see my teachings as an expansion on what their preacher discusses. [I’m not so sure that he does, however.]

This year, I have them making spice bags for their Father for Christmas … after all, he does all the cooking.

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