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Spinning dreidel Chanukah cards

Posted on: 14 November, 2012

Inspired by Creative Jewish Mom’s dreidel mobiles, (which I made a couple of years ago) my home-made Chanukah cards are spinning dreidels!

I bought a box of coloured cards, and cut nesting dreidel shapes out of each using my wonderful Silhouette cutter.  (I created the outlines myself, thankfully you only need a couple of rectangles and a triangle to make a reasonable dreidel shape.)  Then I mixed up the colours.

To make the card, I taped a piece of white sewing thread from top to bottom of the card (inside), then taped two of the cut-out shapes to it.  The remaining two shapes I glued to the inside right of the card.  As my huband correctly pointed out, this doesn’t leave a lot of space to write a message.  But hey, it looks great!  I’ll write really small around the edge.

I found that the dreidels would often turn to reveal the plain white reverse side, so I decided to decorate them with a magen david sticker in the middle and some text around the outer shape: a homage to the traditional dreidel decoration of the Hebrew letters Nun Gimel Hey Shin which stand for the sentence Nes Gadol Hayah Sham – a great miracle happened there.

The best part of these cards is the movement – the slightest breeze makes them swirl around, and if you blow on them, they spin like crazy!

Spinning dreidel Chanukah card from Joyful Jewish on Vimeo.


9 Responses to "Spinning dreidel Chanukah cards"

So cool! And a video, too! We’ll be making these nifty cards at home for sure.

I absolutely LOVE your spinning dreidels!!!! Any possibility of getting the templates that you used? I am not so good at getting the great shaped dreidel that you did? Please, please, please let me know as I have an art class on Sunday and would need it before then.

Thank you Bayla! I created it in .studio (silhouette cutter format) but have saved a screen shot as a .jpg and will email it through to you – hopefully you can resize it to fit the cards you are using.

Hi! Love your tutorial 🙂 featured on my blog I hope it’s o.k.
Thank you!

You are very welcome! I love your paper cuts – they are absolutely beautiful and I wish I could make things like that!

[…] last year’s dreidel cards, I decided to use my silhouette cutter again.  I designed a chanukiah (Chanukah menorah) to cut […]

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