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Mitzvah Day fridge magnets

Posted on: 2 November, 2013

Mitzvah day

November 17 is Mitzvah Day, when congregations work together in an act of tikkun olam, healing the world.   Apparently this initiative has been going for decades in some places, but it only made it to Australia very recently.  This year is the first time our congregation has become involved, and we’re collecting canned food for distribution to a charity organisation.

I am the sort of person who will read an email suggesting “donate some canned food”, think to myself “awesome idea” and then completely forget about it as soon as I get off the computer and start doing something else.  (Maybe people who access the internet via smartphones don’t have this problem?? I wonder.)   So I decided to make some little magnets for people like me to put on their fridge as a reminder – hopefully they will then (a) write “canned food for Mitzvah day” on their shopping list, and (b) remember to shlep it to shul after they buy it.

Magnets are really easy to make.  I printed off multiple copies of the image and text shown above, cut them out then put them in a laminator pocket and ran them through the laminator.  After I cut them out again, I put self adhesive magnet strips on the back.  They are so light and thin they would be easy to post  – something I might suggest we send out with the High Holyday tickets next year.

Interested in Mitzvah Day? The Australian website is here:

Not in Australia?  More information here:


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