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Purim photo booth

Posted on: 1 March, 2015

Shushan photo booth sign

Each year on the weekend before Purim, we run an activity session which always involves mask making or decorating.  The younger children love anything involving cutting, sticking, sequins, feathers and glitter, but it can be difficult to enthuse the older ones, especially the boys.  This year, only a few days before the session, I had the idea of incorporating a photo booth, with a range of Purim-themed props.  It was fun to create, and the booth was a hit with kids of all ages.

The first thing I made was my advertising sign.  As the Purim story is set in the city of Shushan, I decided the good folk of that town would be sure to enjoy a chance to dress up and smile for the camera.   You can download a PDF of the Purim photo booth sign here.

I googled free photo booth props and found some fabulous Victorian-era handlebar moustaches and lips that could outpout Mick Jagger, but nothing which really took my fancy, so I decided to make my own.

In recognition of the key roles of Queen Esther and King Achashverosh in the Purim story – a pair of gem-studded crowns.  For these, I selected, resized and printed out a couple of pictures of crowns found via google image; cut them out and attached them to glitter cardstock cut a little larger than each crown; and added a couple of stick on gems.  Then I sticky-taped a kebab skewer to one side of the reverse.

Purim crown 1Purim crown 2

Reflecting the historical likelihood of full manly facial hair – some cardboard beards.  You can make your own – biblical beard prop instructions are here.

Beard props

Celebrating a traditional Purim food in a non-traditional way – I may have invented hamanspectaschencles.

And then I just made up a bunch of different signs, thoughts and speech bubbles.  It was fun.  I had more ideas, but they will have to wait for another occasion.

Purim speech bubbles  I heart PurimWelcome to ShushanKeep calm and celebrate Purim Thinking about hamantaschenLet's party like it's 14 AdarWe dislike Haman

You can print your own Purim photo booth signs here – just attach to cardboard and add a handle.  I mostly used large plain popsticks from a craft store – they are the size of tongue depressors.

I pinned up some plain colourful fabric as a backdrop, ran an easy printable Purim banner across the top, and after the kids had made their own mask (or beard, or hamanspectashencles), I took their photos.  It was loads of fun, and I’ll definitely be doing it again next year.

Purim banner as backdrop

5 Responses to "Purim photo booth"

These are all great, especially your amazing hamanspectacles. If I ever do another big Purim program, we will use your photo booth ideas. Thanks!

Hi! Any chance you’d want to sell these as a package on etsy? I’d be interested in ordering and donating to my synagogue…

Thank you for the compliment, but my life has become much busier recently (hence the infrequent updates to this blog) and unfortunately I have no spare time!

This is so fun! I may try it for this Purim!! Shalom and Blessings from Japan,

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