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Bar Mitzvah card

I’ve made a few Bar and Bat Mitzvah cards over the years, but I don’t always remember to scan or photograph them before I give them away.

They often feature this lovely stamp of a tallit (prayer shawl) which I purchased along with the text (which says Bar Mitzvah in Hebrew) online from Zum Gali Gali.  I like to use embossing powder and a craft heat gun for a shiny finish.  Not so many years ago I would melt embossing powder over a toaster, resulting in burned crumbs and often burned fingers as well. Thankfully those days are behind me. 🙂

If you want to make a card like this, it is very simple.

1. Stamp your design on a plain piece of card (and emboss if desired)

2. Cut one or more pieces of paper just a few millimetres wider and longer than your central piece of card, and attach the layers together with double-sided adhesive tape.  A metallic paper gives a classic finish.

3. Attach to your card.  I decorated plain blue card by stamping it with Mazel Tov (congratulations).  This stamp is one of a lovely collection I bought from Papertrey Ink a few years back. I used another design from the same set on these Chanukah cards. It’s a little bit wonky but I’m hoping that adds to the charm of a hand-made card.





Some time ago I made a Sukkot guest book, so we could remember who shared our sukkah each year.   It was a hit with my family, so this year we decided to extend the idea and make a Passover guestbook, to record who came to our Seder and all the other things that would blur as years go by.


I designed the book myself using photobook software, and it has been commercially printed.  On each double page, one side has spaces for the date and location, who came, what we ate and any special things we want to remember from that evening.


On the other pages,  I have included such things as a list of memorable moments from seders past, the evolution of our bespoke Haggadah,  some alternative questions (with space to add more), a favourite recipe and space for future menu suggestions, a list of things we’ve made especially for Pesach (from placemats to Moses & Pharaoh figurines), and space to list any new traditions we develop or things we want to remember for the following year.


Next year in Jerusalem!  But more likely back at our place… 🙂

When my daughter was very young, I took a photograph of her, just before Pesach, holding a box of matzah.  It became an instant family tradition, and it’s a great way to see how much she has grown from year to year.  (Either that or matzah boxes are getting smaller!)

One year old

Three years old

Five years old

The Shehecheyanu is possibly my favourite blessing, celebrating as it does a special moment in time and giving thanks for new experiences.

This month my daughter started kindergarten.  Nearly four years ago, she was born 13 weeks premature.  She was tiny, only 855g (about 1lb 14oz), and spent the first 95 days of her life in hospital.  It is nothing short of amazing that this tiny scrap of humanity, who couldn’t even breathe for herself and was late with almost all her major developmental milestones, is starting school with her peers.  This is a dream come true and we are incredibly blessed.

One day old.

First day of kindergarten.

Baruch atah Adonai, eloheinu melech ha-olam, shehechiyanu, v’kiyimanu, v’higiyanu lazman hazeh.

Blessed are you, Eternal one, sovereign of all time and space, who has granted us life, sustained us and brought us to this moment.

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