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This used to be a recipe page… but the truth is I am more interested in sewing and related crafts.  Every so often I go searching for Jewish fabrics, Jewish themed patterns for quilting and cross-stitch and so forth, and inspiration.  Here are some links to things I’ve found as well as things I’ve made.

An easy appliqued shirt for Pesach

Pesach shirt with flowers

Appliqued Hanukkah cushions

Hey shin

A wall hanging for Chanukah (with pockets for gelt)

Wall hanging

My Chanukah themed challah cover

Toy Torah using instructions from Sweet & Crunchy

My Pesach placemats

My Chanukah bunting

My Chanukah table runner

Free Aleph-Bet stitching charts for cross-stitch etc – in numerous fonts!!  (Not designed by me – found at Judaica Needlepoint).

3 Responses to "Sewing"

Nice projects, thanks for sharing.

If you are interested in sewing modest clothing for Jewish girls and women, and would like to share your sewn garments on your blog, please visit Thank you.

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