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When my daughter was very young, I took a photograph of her, just before Pesach, holding a box of matzah.  It became an instant family tradition, and it’s a great way to see how much she has grown from year to year.  (Either that or matzah boxes are getting smaller!)

One year old

Three years old

Five years old

This is a very easy way to introduce the main elements of the Seder to your young children without any food getting into the carpet!

– paper plates
– pictures of the ceremonial foods placed on the seder plate. If you don’t have time to find your own, you are welcome to print out the pictures I used of of Seder plate foods and matzah (all found via google images).

I included matzah as it’s the main event in this festival, even though it doesn’t actually sit on a real seder plate.

This craft couldn’t be easier.
1. (optional) decorate plate (can also be done after steps 2 and 3)
2. Cut out food pictures
3. Stick to paper plate

Have fun!  Here’s the plate my daughter made last year (aged 3).

When I decided to do the same activity again this year, she immediately made herself another one (this time doing all the cutting out by herself) and then decorated it extensively with bug stickers.

I tried to point out that insects in plague proportions were indeed part of the story, but do not usually feature actually on the food…  🙂
We are going to have so much fun this Pesach!!

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