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Recently I stumbled across this fabulous idea from Felt So Cute:  a bag of 10 plague-themed items for your Seder guests.

Guaranteed to keep the younger participants amused and probably the older ones also!  I think the sunglasses and the bubble wrap are particularly inspired.

So, I decided to include something similar in our Seder, although I will not bag them up individually.  My plan is to construct “Egypt in a box” probably featuring Pharaoh made out of a toilet paper roll, and then let my family indulge in a spot of plague flinging mid Seder.

My daughter is obsessed with frogs, so we already have about 20+ small plastic frogs in the house – so that’s one plague sorted!  I have a bag of packing beans for hail, and plenty of plastic wild animals (it’s tempting to include dinosaurs and unleash Jurassic Park on Pharaoh).  I plan to turn off the lights for darkness, and drop some red food colouring into a glass of water to show rivers turning to blood.

But I still need some lice and locusts, so we’re on a mission this week to find some (of the plastic variety).  And if anyone has any good ideas to represent dead firstborn in a way which will not upset a sensitive 4 year old, please let me know.

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