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YK Quiz

I was teaching a group of children aged 6-9 about Yom Kippur facts and customs recently, and I decided to do it in the form of a group quiz.  I printed out my questions and laminated them, then my class took turns pulling a question out of a bag and reading it aloud.  That was good because even the ones who were reluctant to venture an answer still contributed to the activity. Nearly half the questions are “True or False?” which the kids seemed to enjoy.  My 7 year-old daughters says this is because you have a 50% chance of getting it right!  I was not fussed if they already knew the answer or not, I wanted them to think about it and then I helped fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

You are welcome to use these questions yourself. This link should open up a .pdf file: Yom Kippur Quiz

Some questions ask for basic knowledge: “What is the traditional colour to wear on Yom Kippur?” Some test understanding of vocabulary: “True or false? Yom Kippur is called a fast day because it goes really fast.” Other questions are more subtle: “True or false? Yom Kippur is a day for asking other people to forgive us.”

And there are a bunch of other questions as well, involving goats, shoes, chickens, eating, and the festivals on either side of Yom Kippur, among other things.  As much fun as you are likely to have learning about this very serious festival!

Be warned: I am not providing the answers!  You may need to do a little revision.  🙂  It also allows for some variations on answers to suit your own practices.  Plus you may find the kids come up with more than you expect.  In response to a question about goats,  I had only planned to talk about scapegoats, but a boy in my class immediately pointed out the obvious connection between goats and the shofar.

May we all be inscribed for a year of learning!


A couple of years ago my husband had his first opportunity to blow a shofar, and it turns out he is a natural.  He can even play a tune on one of those things!  When he blows, the shofar sounds amazing.  I, on the other hand, can barely make it sound like someone blowing a raspberry, or worse.  This year we decided that those of us not blessed with natural ram’s horn blowing talents should still be allowed to make a loud noise, and these shofarim are the way to do it.  This is a great craft activity for kids to do before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

You will need:
– light card or heavy paper cut in the shape of a shofar (I used the pattern from here: and just narrowed the shape of the handle slightly.)
– the hooter part of the type of party favour where you blow and part of it extends.  (What are these called? Party horns? If you google “party hooters” some of the photos are a bit risque!)
– double sided tape and sticky tape
– textas/stickers etc to decorate

Cut out the shofar and decorate with textas or stickers. Stick together with double sided tape (as per the instructions printed on the .pdf), and roll the handle to fit around the hooter.  Secure with sticky tape.  That’s it!  Then put in your ear plugs and let everyone else go blow their horn.

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