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Chanukah learning chatterbox (cootie catcher)

Posted on: 4 December, 2015

Chanukah chatterbox

I remember making and playing with paper fortune tellers (also known as chatterboxes or cootie catchers) when I was a child.  Earlier this year my daughter brought one home from primary school, proof that while much has changed since my childhood, much also remains the same.  I was struck by the possibility of combining the eight internal faces of the chatterbox to the eight nights of Chanukah, an idea which I’m sure has many more possibilities than the simple one I have settled on for class this weekend.

Chanukah cootie catcher

I found a template online (google “chatterbox template” and you’ll see many) and filled it in. Depending on the age and ability of your children, and the amount of time you have available, they could fill it all in themselves, but this guarantees a minimum standard of completion and legibility!

Chanukah chatterboxBlack and white diagrams can be coloured in, children can practice the first eight letters of the alef-bet instead of counting to eight, and underneath each letter is a question relating to the festival.  I left half unanswered so they can do a bit of work themselves before taking their new toy home and quizzing their parents.

Instructions on how to fold a chatterbox can be found online – thank you again google.

You can download a printable pdf of my Chanukah chatterbox here. Or be brave, go make up one yourself!
Chag sameach!


4 Responses to "Chanukah learning chatterbox (cootie catcher)"

Excellent! Today is Dreidel Day at school, and this will be ideal for free choice time. I especially like the fact that it has questions and answers which require interaction. And Hebrew letters.
I’ve never heard it called a chatterbox before (only cootie catcher and fortune teller). No matter the name, there are always kids (and adults) who find the game irresistible.
Thanks for sharing this!

I remember them being called chatterboxes, but a ‘cootie catcher’ is a new term for me!

I’d love to link to this post in my 2016 Handmade Hanukkah tutorial round up. Can you please get in touch?

I just discovered your wonderful jewish crafts blog. Obviously you aren’t updating it anymore, but I wanted to thank you for leaving it up online. I see a lot of projects to do with/for my little ones. Todah rabah!

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