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We did it! We made our very own sukkah, something we had never done before, and we have been having a great time using it as much as the weather has permitted.  (This week the maximum temperature has varied from 21C with cold wind and rain to 34C with hot wind!)

It is 2.5m wide and 2m deep, and seats 6 people comfortably.  The framework is made of 40mm PVC pipe, with walls mainly of shadecloth, and the roof from reed screening.  Our local hardware store has done quite well out of the exercise!  However we hope to be able to reuse almost everything again next year, and will also make a few improvements to the framework.

Decorations include my chanukah bunting, some solar powered lanterns, our apple decorations, a few things from a $2 shop and some sukkot collages made by my daughter.  I used garden hooks to hang some things from the roof, and safety pins to attach other things to the walls.

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