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3D cardboard tree for Tu B’Shevat

Posted on: 18 January, 2012

Last year we made trees with flaps for Tu B’Shevat.  This year we are going even more three dimensional! This is such an easy craft activity but it looks great.

All you will need is:
– a cardboard tube (I used a toilet roll) for the trunk of your tree
– small amount of thickish cardboard for the base (I cut up the last box which came through the post)
– thin card for the crown of the tree
– decorating materials

Cut four evenly spaced slits at one end of the cardboard tube and flatten the resulting tabs outwards.  Staple them to the thicker piece of cardboard.

At the other end of the tube, cut two slits on opposite sides – this is where you will slot in the crown of your tree.  You can either leave the top of the tube level, or cut away a section as shown above, remembering to  leave the slots intact.

Draw and cut out the crown (leafy part) of your tree – I just drew a cloud/thought bubble shape freehand from a piece of card half A4 size.

Decorate it to your heart’s content – on both sides if you’re keen!  I used a leaf-shaped ink pad then added some cut out pieces of paper and some flower shaped sequins.  My daughter started with a pack of stickers which included leaves, flowers and birds.
Some more ideas:  paint or draw on details… print out and stick on pictures of fruit, birds etc…collect leaves from your garden and make a natural collage… scrunch up pieces of tissue paper and glue them on… just make sure you’re having fun!

Slot Tree Crown A into Tree Trunk B and display proudly!

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